Do Not Be A Victim Of Phishing

“Phishing” is a serious attempt by cybercriminals to extract personal information from unsuspecting individuals. This form of identity theft is quite effective as these criminals pursue their objective. You can easily be a victim of phishing if you are not vigilant in checking the authenticity of common emails. These criminals have mastered the use of the internet for stealing from their victims. Their method is to send out emails appearing to be from legitimate financial institutions such as your local bank. These individual are quite good at developing a site that is the same or very close to the original financial institution in appearance. The request is for you to verify or update your login information “by clicking the link below”. Although the site appears legitimate, it is fake. When you provide or confirm your personal information, you have just turned it over to these criminals whose goal is to steal as much as possible from unsuspecting individuals. Never take a chance! Always go to the browser, and search for the institution yourself. If there is a problem with your account, you will receive notification. In recent years, phishing has become one favorite technique to steal personal information as uninformed individuals type in their data into bogus screens. To avoid being a victim of phishing, remember is to monitor your bank accounts vigilantly as well as never sharing your personal information over the Internet.